Health Safety and Environment 1,2 & 3

Hands-on training professional course for the Award of Associate or Certified Environment and Safety Manager. Certification awarded by Environment and Safety Management Institute (ESMI)

HR at SO Education and Business Hub

Human Resources Management

Executive Diploma in HR for Early career and Advance for individuals aspiring to have career in Human Resource Management.

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Project Management Professional

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is an industry sought after credential for project managers tailored for early career and advance career individuals. PMP demonstrates the experience, education, skill and competency required to lead, coordinate and direct projects.

Customer Relationship Mgt

Strategic Customer Relationship Management

The study encourages scientific reasoning, discoveries and inventions. Great teachers and well-equipped laboratories help students explore, discover and experiment new things under the best supervision. Highly sought after skills aspiring Customer Relationship Manager. Important course program for Sales Reps, Early Career Graduates and Advance Executive class.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Professional Credential for Engineers, Architect, and aspiring individuals in such field. Certification awarded by Environment and Safety Management Institute (ESMI)

Food Safety

Our Food Safety program is an introduction to food safety for beginners on safely preparing and cooking food. You will learn about food safety training and cooking practices, how food can be infested, how to minimize risk of food contamination and how to keep your work area clean and hygienic. Certification awarded by Environment and Safety Management Institute (ESMI)

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